Tori Amos – Gold Dust – 2012 – 320 kps

Gold dust es un álbum con el que Tori Amos celebra que han

pasado 20 años desde su disco debut, “Little Earthquakes”.

Lo mejor de su carrera con la colaboración de

la Metropole Orchestra. Produce Amos, con los arreglos

de John Philip Shenale.

Gold dust is an album that celebrates who Tori Amos

20 years since their debut album, “Little Earthquakes”.

The best of his career with the help of

the Metropole Orchestra. Produce Amos, with arrangements

John Philip Shenale.

Goldstaub ist ein Album, damit feiert Tori Amos ihre

20 Jahre seit ihrem Debüt-Album “Little Earthquakes”.

Das ist das beste ihrer Karriere, mit Hilfe von

dem Metropole Orchestra, produziert mit Arrangements

von John Philip Shenale.

Formato: MP3 – Tamano: 143 MB – Bitrate: 320 kps

Genero: Pop


01.Flavor (Abnormally Attracted to Sin, 2009)

02.Yes, Anastasia (Under the Pink, 1994)

03.Jackie’s strength (From the Choirgirl Hotel, 1998)

04.Clound on my tongue (Under the Pink, 1994)

05.Precious things (Little Earthquakes, 1992)

06.Gold dust (Scarlet’s Walk, 2002)

07.Star of wonder (Midwinter Graces, 2009)

08.Winter (Little Earthquakes, 1992)

09.Flying dutchman (Cara b del single China, 1992)

10.Programmable soda (American Doll Posse, 2007)

11.Snow cherries from France (Tales of a Librarian, 2003)

12.Marianne (Boys for Pele, 2006)

13.Silent all these years (Little Earthquakes, 1992)

14.Girl disappearing (American Doll Posse, 2007)