Motley Crue – Discografia (1981 – 2008)
Format: MP3 – 320 kps – Size: 4.78 GB
Year Of Release: 1981 – 2008
Genre: Glam Metal

Original Studio Albums
1981-Too Fast For Love (1982 Elektra)
1983-Shout At The Devil
1985-Theatre Of Pain
1987-Girls, Girls, Girls
1989-Dr. Feelgood
1994-Motley Crue
1997-Generation Swine
1999-Supersonic And Demonic Relics
2000-New Tattoo
2008-Saints of Los Angeles
Remastered Studio Albums
1981-Too Fast for Love (1999 Elektra Re-Release)
1983-Shout At The Devil (2003 Remastered)
1985-Theatre Of Pain (2003 Remastered)
1987-Girls, Girls, Girls (2003 Remastered)
1989-Dr. Feelgood (2003 Remastered)
1989-Dr.Feelgood (2009, 2CD Deluxe Edition)
1994-Motley Crue (2003 Remastered)
1997-Generation Swine (2003 Remastered)
1999-Supersonic And Demonic Relics (2008 Japan SHM-CD, UICY-93497)
Live Albums
1999-Live: Entertainment or Death
2006-Carnival Of Sins Vol. 1-2
Compilations Albums
1991-Decade Of Decadence ’81-’91
1998-Greatest Hits
2003-Loud As F@*k
2003-The Universal Masters Collection
2005-Red, White & Crue (1CD Edition)
2005-Red, White & Crue (2CD Edition)

EP’s/Singles gesamt
1988-Raw Tracks (Japan Press EP)
1994-Misunderstood (Single)
1994-Quaternary (Japan Import)
1997-Afraid (Single)
2004-If I Die Tomorrow (Promo CD)

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