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Artist: Peggy March
Title: The Essential Peggy March: The RCA Years
Year Of Release: 2018
Genre: Pop
Format: MP3 – 320 kps
Time: 01:05:02
Size: 156 mb


01. If You Loved Me (Soul Coaxing / Ame Caline)
02. This Heart Wasn’t Made to Kick Around
03. He Couldn’t Care Less
04. He’s Back Again
05. Thinking Through My Tears
06. Fool, Fool, Fool (Look In The Mirror)
07. Losin’ My Touch
08. Try to See It My Way (From the T.V. Special, “On The Flipside”)
09. Aren’t You Glad
10. Let Me Down Hard
11. Can’t Stop Thinkin’ About Him
12. Leave Me Alone
13. Only You Could Do That To My Heart
14. Watch What You Do with My Baby
15. Johnny Cool
16. Peggy March and Bennie Thomas – Catchin’ On Fast
17. (I’m Watching) Every Little Move You Make
18. Madi – Madi Song (kilindini Docks)
19. Too Long Away
20. Passo Su Passo
21. Eh, Bravo
22. Ne Joue Pas Les Enfants (Let Her Go)
23. Male nicht den Teufel an die Wand
24. Itsuwari No Koi (He Couldn’t Care Less)
25. I Will Follow Him (Japanese Version)
26. Wasurenaiwa

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