Michael Jackson - The Complete THRILLER Sessions (1982)

Michael Jackson – The Complete THRILLER Sessions (1982)

MP3 files – VBR – 350mb

43 rare / unreleased tracks, including the super rare “Starlight” version of Thriller and many completely unreleased tracks recorded by MJ and Quincy Jones between April and July 1982.

Tracklisting :

Baby Be Mine (Album Version)
Baby Be Mine (Demo 1)
Baby Be Mine (Demo 2)
Beat It (Album Version)
Beat It (Eddie Van Halen's Solo)
Billie Jean (Acapella)
Billie Jean (Album Version)
Billie Jean (Demo 1)
Billie Jean (Demo 2)
Billie Jean (Demo 3)
Billie Jean (Pepsi Advert)
Can't Get Outta The Rain (Demo)
Carousel (Writer's demo)
Carousel (Demo 2)
Don't Let A Woman Make A Fool Out Of You (Writer's demo)
For All Time (Demo)
Got The Hots (Demo)
Groove Of Midnight (Demo)
Hot Street (Demo)
Human Nature (Album Version)
Human Nature (Writer's demo)
Muscles (Writer's demo)
Nite Line (Writer's demo)
Nite Line (Demo 2)
Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Demo)
Pretty Young Thing (Album Version)
Pretty Young Thing (Demo Instrumental)
Pretty Young Thing (Demo)
Slapstick (Demo)
So Shy (Writer's demo)
Someone In The Dark (Demo)
State Of Independance (Demo)
The Girl Is Mine (Album Version)
The Girl Is Mine (Demo)
The Lady In My Life (Album Version)
Thriller (Album Version)
Thriller (MJ & Vincent Price Session)
Thriller (Starlight Demo)
Trouble (Writer's demo)
Trouble (Demo)
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Album Version)
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin (Demo 1)
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin (Demo 2)

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