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Year Of Release: 1980
Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Size: 161 MB


1. Monday Morning (live)
2. Say You Love Me (live)
3. Dreams (live)
4. Oh Well (live)
5. Over And Over (live)
6. Sara (live)
7. Not That Funny (live)
8. Never Going Back Again (live)
9. Landslide (live)
10. Fireflies (live)
11. Over My Head (live)
12. Rhiannon (live)
13. Don’t Let Me Down Again (live)
14. One More Night (live)
15. Go Your Own Way (live)
16. Don’t Stop (live)
17. I’m So Afraid (live)
18. The Farmer’s Daughter (live)

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